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Iridium Satellite LLC – Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

ORDER ACCEPTANCE. Commencement of performance pursuant to this Purchase Order (PO) constitutes acceptance by Seller. All shipments shall be deemed to have been made pursuant to the terms of this offer. All other terms are null and void. PRICE/PAYMENT. Seller’s price shall not be higher than those shown ...

Inflight Mission-Critical Communications Leads to Successful International Rescue

Photo courtesy of Nolinor Aviation Guest Blog by SKYTRAC Efficient and precise flight data communications made it possible to ensure a safe flight home for Canadian students traveling back from Guatemala during global border closures. During a March 2020 humanitarian mission to a remote area of Guatemala, a group of Quebec ...

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Stand Out or Blend In with a Fresh Take on the Iridium Extreme®

  During these times, many of us have been making an effort to physically distance by exploring off-the-grid. While the way we do things has changed, the importance of staying connected remains. That’s why governments, businesses, first responders and adventurers rely on Iridium® to be able to make phone ...

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JESSE – Multi-Radio Telematics Terminal

A Fully Self-contained General Purpose BLE Enabled, Iridium IOT Terminal with BLE & Optional GSM Iridium Certified Antenna. GPS, LTE & BLE Truly Worldwide Tracking & Communication. Quick & Easy Integration that Typically Requires Only Minor Firmware Modifications Simple Control of the Toggle Between Satellite & Cellular Connectivity RS232 Interface, ...