Take a Hike. Go Fish. Get Lost. Get Out.

Stay Connected During Your Off-the-Grid Adventures

However you want to say it and wherever you want to do it, Iridium keeps you connected and safe when you’re off the beaten path.

Iridium Devices

Iridium Extreme

Iridium GO!

Iridium Extreme PTT Device

Iridium Extreme Push-To-Talk

Iridium 9555

Iridium Connected Devices

Bivy Stick

Garmin Montana® 750i

Garmin - inReach Explorer®+

inReach® Mini

RockSTAR Vms


Somewear Global Hotspot



Low-Earth Orbit

Iridium’s network of 66 cross-linked satellites creates a coverage web around the Earth and is the only network that has you covered wherever adventure takes you.

With Iridium at your side, you can stay connected and safe when off-the-grid making sure your family and friends are always within reach.

Iridium handsets bring you reliable calling, text messaging, SOS, GPS tracking and even push-to-talk, walkie-talkie style connectivity for groups that want to stay coordinated across their separate adventures.

Check out the Get Lost Ad Gallery to find inspiration for your next excursion.

Did you know?

More than 80% of the planet has no cell phone coverage.
This includes at sea and areas on land like parts of
national parks, mountain ranges and deserts.

The U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Park Service trip planning guide advises visitors to not rely on cellular
coverage during their adventures. In 2017, search-and-rescue teams were deployed for a total of 3,453 incidents in national parks.

Iridium Extreme

The Smarter, Tougher Satellite Phone

Iridium Extreme® is the satellite phone for adventurers who choose to explore off the beaten path and take risks. Whether you’re climbing a mountain, glacier hiking, or breaking a world record, get out of your comfort zone with the comfort of knowing you can get in touch.


  • Voice
  • SOS button
  • Text and text to email
  • GPS tracking
  • Rugged and water resistant
  • Full accessory kit


Take Personal Communications Further

Iridium GO!® is the device for those who want to extend the reach of their smart device. With the Iridium GO!, you can easily access voice, text or email to stay connected and in touch with the devices you rely on every day wherever you are, whenever you need.


  • Voice
  • Text and email
  • Weather forecast via third party app
  • Apple® and Androidapps
  • Compact, rugged, and portable
  • Full accessory kit


A Satellite Phone You Can Rely On

The Iridium 9555 is the signature satellite phone for those who want to disconnect but stay connected. The easy to use handset is there to use when you need it, such as if you need to get in touch with the office or check in with loved ones.


  • Voice
  • Text and text to email
  • Compact and light
  • Full accessory kit


  • Online, over the air talkgroup management
  • Instant group communication
  • SOS
  • Military grade durability
  • Full accessory kit


Your Global Walkie-Talkie

The Iridium Extreme® Push-to-Talk (PTT) is the walkie-talkie style connectivity for groups that want to stay coordinated across their separate adventures. The device is ideal for large groups who are adventuring together and seek fast, simple, and secure group communication.

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