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Press Release: IMOCA Appoints Iridium its Official Communications Partner [ARCHIVED 01/24/22 per ML]
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Title: IMOCA Appoints Iridium its Official Communications Partner
Distribution Date: Tuesday, July 30, 2019
Distribution Time: 07:31 AM EST

Press release announcing Iridium as the official communications partner of the International Monohull Open Class Association, or IMOCA, and their IMOCA Globe Series World (Racing) Championship. IMOCA is the association representing 60 foot monohull class yachts, and is recognized as such by the International Sailing Federation. The IMOCA Globe Series World Championship is a series of races that take place around the world, including the Vendée Globe race, which is a single-crewed, non-stop round the world race starting in November of 2020.

Thales joins Iridium as an official communications partner with each yacht equipping a VesseLINK terminal and operating using Iridium Certus as their primary means of satellite communication. More than 30 skippers worldwide will be relying on Iridium-based technology as they pilot through extreme open-sea environments.

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July 30, 2019 07:31 AM EST
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