Service Soft - LookOut Pro

Lookout satellite beacon is a device that is designed to determine the coordinates of the location of a moving object (transport / equipment / cargo) anywhere in the world and process parameters with subsequent data transfer via GSM / IRIDIUM channel. Also, in order to save energy, the product is able to archive and communicate at the appointed time for data transfer.

In conjunction with the Lookout product, the user gets access to an Internet service with which he can track his current location, as well as see the route for the selected time intervals and technological parameters.

Lookout satellite beacon can be installed on any moving object: cars, railway, sea and river transport, construction equipment, etc.

Currently there are 3 modifications of LookOut Satellite Beacon:

Compact: Data transmission Iridium SBD / GSM. Compact size. Minimum equipment.
Standard: Iridium SBD / GSM data transmission. Dustproof housing with IP67 protection.
Pro: Iridium SBD / GSM data transmission. Connection of external wireless, autonomous sensors:
fuel level (FLS, mm)
temperature and humidity (t ° C)
panic button (SOS)
tamper sensor (autonomous)
shock sensor (G)

Satellite beacon (satellite tracker) Lookout has passed tests for compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union. It has a declaration of conformity of the Customs Union, which confirms the quality of the manufactured product “LookOut” with the requirements of technical regulations.

Also, Satellite Lighthouse (satellite tracker) Lookout has a voluntary certificate of compliance with GOST R established quality standards.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Up to 3 years of independent operation without external power supply
  • Possibility to connect external wireless self-contained sensors
  • Easy to install and use
  • Convenient mounting on metal surfaces by supply inbuilt magnet
  • Transportation conditions monitoring via external wireless sensors

Technical Specifications

Dimensions192х129х52 mm
Weight1 kg with batteries
Battery TypeLithium, АА type – 12 pcs
Enclosure RatingIP67
Operating Temperature Range-40°С tо +60°С
Communication ChannelsIridium, GSM