iTrac Vessel Monitoring System (VMS)

The iTrac system consists of an Iridium modem and a marine-grade antenna. The iTrac system may be remotely programmed to change the reporting interval. An internal battery for back-up is provided to maintain all parameters in the case of power failure. At specified time intervals, the iTrac communicates the vessel position, heading/speed, date and time. Bi-directional communication, ability to remotely update message frequency, GPS positioning, data sent via email, distress/panic button, protection against surge and reverse polarity, weather reports, and testing against shock and vibration are the iTrac’s features.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • State-of-the-art GPS system, accurate to within 10 meters of a reported location
  • User friendly system that is easy to install on any vessel
  • Two-way communication of information (Bi-directional Iridium® Telemetry), accessible anywhere on the globe
  • Panic Button Functionality – Panic data available within 2 minutes
  • Unit operates on Vessel Power Supply, External Battery and/or Internal Backup Battery
  • Two-way email communications via USB PC link
  • Ability to send GPS messages in intervals of 5 minutes up to one day, with 100% reliability
  • User friendly LED functionality showing the current status of the unit
  • Ability to check on the current status of the unit remotely
  • Ability to log Emails, GPS and Alarm Messages

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