Iridium Export Compliance Form

Iridium Export Compliance Form

  • Thank you for choosing Iridium Satellite LLC for your global satellite communications solution. We look forward to working with you and fulfilling your Iridium product needs.

    Iridium equipment and technology is controlled for export from the United States by a variety of laws and regulations. In order to ensure compliance with these laws, please take a few minutes to review the following information.
  • 1. General Export Information

    It is the policy of Iridium Satellite LLC (Iridium) to fully comply with all United States (U.S.) export and economic sanction laws and regulations. The export of Iridium products, services, hardware, software and technology must be made only in accordance with the laws, regulations and licensing requirements of the U.S. Government. Iridium customers must also comply with these laws and regulations. Failure to comply can result in the imposition of fines and penalties, the loss of export privileges, and termination of your contractual agreements with Iridium Satellite LLC.

    The export and re-export of Iridium products and services are subject to regulation by the Export Administration Regulations (15 CFR 730-744), as administered by the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Industry and Security (“BIS”). See: for further information on BIS and the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). Additional export restrictions are administered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Asset Controls (“OFAC”). See: for further information on OFAC and its requirements.

    Embargoed/Sanctioned Destinations
    Iridium’s products, services, hardware, software, and technical data may NOT be EXPORTED or RE-EXPORTED, either DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, to U.S. embargoed or restricted destinations, or to companies or citizens/nationals of those countries without prior authorization from the applicable U.S. Government agency (BIS and/or OFAC) and Iridium’s Export Compliance Department. This list of embargoed/sanctioned destinations is subject to change at any time and current information should be obtained directly from the appropriate U.S. government agencies.

    Denied Persons
    Iridium’s products, services, hardware, software, or technical data also may NOT be EXPORTED/RE-EXPORTED, ether DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, to a person or entity barred by U.S. Government from participating in export activities. Denied persons include those individuals or entities listed on the Commerce Department’s Denied Persons List and the Commerce Department’s Entity List (available on the Web at, and the Treasury Department’s Lists of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons and other lists maintained by the Treasury Department of sanctioned persons and entities (available on the Web at

    Enhanced Proliferation Control Initiative
    Iridium’s products, services, hardware, software and technical data may not be exported, re-exported or used directly or indirectly in the design, development, fabrication or use of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons or missile technology without prior U.S. Government authorization.

    Contact Information
    If you have any questions regarding the export of Iridium subscriber equipment, please contact:

    Iridium Satellite LLC
    Attn: Global Trade Compliance
    8440 South River Parkway
    Tempe, Arizona 85284 USA
    Phone: +480-752-1114

    This information is not intended to replace the EAR, other U.S. export laws (such as Treasury Department embargo and sanctions regulations and the State Department’s International Traffic in Arms Regulations), or the Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS). It is intended to be used in conjunction with U.S. export control laws and regulations in connection with the export, re-export and import of Iridium’s products. Our service partners are responsible for ensuring that their export and re-export of Iridium’s products are in accordance with the requirements of the EAR, other U.S. export laws and regulations, and the HTS. End user, end-use and country of ultimate destination may affect export-licensing requirements. All Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN), Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Numbers and License Authorization information are subject to change without notice. It is therefore the obligation of our service partners as an exporter, importer or re-exporter to verify such information and comply with the then currently applicable regulations. The data provided herein are for information purposes only. Iridium makes no representation or warranty as to the accuracy or reliability of such classifications, groups, or symbols for any purpose whatsoever. The materials in this document are not intended to be or contain legal advice. Nothing provided should be used as a substitute for the legal advice of competent counsel. You are urged to consult the EAR, the Bureau of Industry and Security’s Export Counseling Division, OFAC, and other appropriate sources before exporting, re-exporting distributing, importing, or using Iridium products.
  • 2. Company Information

  • 3. Export Compliance Certification

  • The officer or employee named below hereby certifies that:
    Company is eligible to receive exports of United States-origin products, materials, services, technical data, hardware and software. Company shall comply with all applicable export control laws and regulations and shall not directly or indirectly export, re-export, resell, ship or divert any product, material, service, technical data, hardware or software furnished to Company by Iridium to any person, entity, project, use, or country in violation of the laws or licensing requirements of the United States or any other appropriate national authority.

    The officer or employee named below has the knowledge and authority to make the statements made herein on behalf of Company.

    If any of the information provided, including but not limited to the Board of Directors and Senior Management, should change after the date of this certification, you are required to promptly notify Iridium in writing of said changes at the contact number below.
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