Product Certification

Accessories, Antennas, and Embedded Modules

Iridium Product Certification provides our partners and antenna vendors with the ability to offer solutions that meed Iridium’s standards of performance and reliability. All products that use the Iridium network must undergo product certification with Iridium. Partners’ antenna vendors’ solutions include all equipment that interacts with any portion of the Iridium Network to ensure the solution performs at an acceptable level over the Iridium network and that the solution does not harm, impair, hinder, damage or otherwise adversely affect and Iridium product, network, or end user.

Iridium does not certify or otherwise make any representation or warranty as to the quality, effectiveness, reliability, performance, or safety of the certified product. Prior to a partner’s product being submitted for certification, the partner must provide a copy of the Iridium certification letter for the antenna they embed in their product. This letter is to be provided by the antenna vendor directly to the partner.

To learn more about the certification process, download the Iridium Product Certification Process.

To learn more about the technical specifications, download the Iridium Product Certification Technical Specifications.