Satcom Direct Communicacoes Ltda.

04/29/19: Certus SP - Aviation, Land & Maritime

07/01/21: New SP (Brasil) master agreement which replaces their 2019 Certus SP Agreement and their 2012 VAR Agreement. Adds Certus 100/200 for Land Mobile. Change of Pricing Notice requirement of 60 days notice was grandfathered into this agreement from the prior agreement. TPS 63662



Satcom Direct Comunicacoes LTDA (Brazil)

427, Barao do Triunfo Street, Room 1103 Next Office Building

3651, Vereador José Diniz Avenue. Room 111

Sao Paulo, 04602-001


Satcom Direct Communicacoes Ltda. (HQ)

1050 Satcom Lane

Melbourne, Florida, 32940

United States

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