Ocean and Coastal Environmental Sensing, Inc. (OCENS)

Whether you are cruising in the Bahamas, delivering a barge to Alaska, racing to Bermuda, exploring in central Africa or fishing in the Pacific, a common thread is shared. Your satellite phone needs to work, even if nothing else does.

At OCENS, every day we strive to separate our company from the fad and fancy, which is much of the satellite phone marketplace, by reminding ourselves what reality our customers face. This abiding attitude is reflected every day in the Software we develop, the Products we sell and the commitment we make to the after-sale Support of our customers.




22608 Marine View Drive South

Suite 300

Des Moines, WA, 98198

United States

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Case Study
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Case Study: World Traveler Avoids Storms by Utilizing the Power of Iridium GO! and OCENS
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CS_Iridium GO! OCENS_OCT17(2).pdf
Ocean and Coastal Environmental Sensing, Inc. (OCENS)

Case Study for Iridium GO! featuring OCENS tracking service.

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January 17, 2018
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