Maruwa America Corporation

With the long-cultivated technologies since our founding, MARUWA produces and fabricates materials with superior properties. In addition, we apply our elemental technologies such as circuit design, experiment evaluation, mounting, and simulation, etc., to those material technologies in order to send our own unique products to the world.

MARUWA can offer you a good variety of product lineup for GNSS Antenna by using its long time experience & expertise for ceramic technology. MARUWA's antenna can be used in a lot of different applications, design concepts and we meet customers' varied requirements.

Helical Conformation is applied to MARUWA's Dielectric Ceramic and our antenna has 4 features as follows.
• Wide Beam-width
• Jamming-Resistant
• Insusceptible to human body
• Compact Size

We can support fast development with our simulation technology and measuring facility.



Maruwa America Corporation (Japan)

3-83, Minamihonjigahara-cho

Owariasahi-city, Aichi, 488-0044


OFFICE: +81-561-51-0841

Maruwa America Corporation (United States)

200 Sandpointe Avenue, Suite 525

Santa Ana, CA, 92707

United States

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