Marlin-Yug Ltd


Marlin-Yug is a research and manufacturing company, founded in 1990. The priority activity areas of the company are the development of unique scientific and technical equipment for environmental and scientific monitoring of the marine environment. In particular, we develop and produce the autonomous marine measurement platforms with different types of communication (including satellite), in particular - surface drifting buoys (drifters). Based on that, we are engaged in the development and implementation of drifting technology as one of the most promising tool to study the ocean and atmosphere variability. Modern measurement and information drifter capabilities allow performing measurements in-situ of all environmental parameters in any part of the World ocean, ensuring the delivery of information to users in real-time.



Marlin-Yug Ltd

Of. 7, 30, Yuzhnaya St., pos. Matveev Kurgan

Matveevo-Kurganskiy r-n

Rostovskaya obl., 346970


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