In 1996 the founders of International Satellite Services, Inc. (ISS) were living on a remote island in the Northwest Caribbean. They purchased a satellite telephone for personal use in their home. The neighbors saw it and wanted one for themselves. International Satellite Services, Inc. was born and the rest, as they say, is history.

From that day, when we were literally our own first customer, ISS has built its reputation on treating each and every customer as if they were our ONLY customer. From those modest origins ISS has steadily evolved into the company that it is today, a premier provider of portable satellite internet and voice solutions.

Our products and services span all of the major L Band commercial satellite constellations including Iridium. ISS also provides VSAT solutions in the KU and C Bands and we are constantly expanding and upgrading our offerings.



International Satellite Services, Inc.

1004 Collier Center Way, Suite 204

Naples, FL, 34110

United States

International Satellite Services, Inc.

35 Ferncliff Drive

Asheville, NC, 28805

United States

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