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Since 1982 Communications-Applied Technology (C-AT®) has designed and manufactured communications equipment that solves challenging technical and physical requirements faced by civilian and military agencies.

C-AT®‘s radio interoperability products bridge dissimilar equipment, bands and frequencies, allowing homeland security, public safety, and military first-responders to have immediate, on-scene tactical communications.

C-AT®‘s intercom and wireless radio systems are designed for extreme environments such as hazardous, biological and nuclear cleanup, and for personnel operating in armored vehicles, mobile command posts, crewed boats, and aircraft.

All C-AT® products are engineered without unnecessary feature overload and are priced to meet the strict budget constraints of civilian and military agencies. Highly effective and reliable in field operation, C-AT®products are also designed for quick and simple deployment, without requiring specialized training or excessive maintenance.



Communications-Applied Technology Company

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