Advanced Tracking, established in 2004, is specialized in satellite communications & tracking solutions for yacht, goods & persons. We offer different tracking systems, but also equipment that will allow you to stay connected anywhere on the planet: receive & send emails via a satellite connection, but also surf over internet in the middle of the oceans!

With this successful experience in the leisure marine environment, Advanced Tracking offers tracking & rescue solutions in other areas: Land Transport: goods (truck, trailers, container, train cars etc.) & leisure (mobile-homes, 4x4, motorbikes, bikes, jet ski etc.) or anyone who wishes to ensure their safety (hiker, isolated worker, mountaineer, seniors, child's, etc.) The systems offered by Advanced Tracking have demonstrated reliability over the time, as well as, their effectiveness in helping save lives.



Advanced Tracking S.A.R.L

51, Rue du Port de las Plage

Hyeres, Provence - Cote d'Azur, 83400


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