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Supporting Ocean Plastic Research Through Partner Collaboration

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Partner Spotlight: Global Marine Networks (GMN) and Iridium partner together to provide communications infrastructure for the ‘eXXpedition North Pacific

Iridium and GMN teamed up to provide communications for the eXXpedition North Pacific as they embark on ocean plastic research.

If you have been following the Iridium blog, you know that Iridium and our partner GMN supported an all-female scientific voyage called the eXXpedition North Pacific, focused on gaining a better understanding of how pollution, specifically ocean plastics, is impacting the North Pacific Gyre. The crew recently wrapped up their journey aboard their vessel called the Sea Dragon. Being able to support such impactful initiatives like the eXXpedition North Pacific, is at the core of Iridium’s mission and is only possible through the help and collaboration of its partners.

“When the opportunity to team up with Iridium and support the eXXpedition North Pacific was presented to us, we couldn’t wait to get started,” said Kyle Tuczynski, head of products at GMN. “When big players in this industry collaborate, amazing things can happen.  It’s been an exciting experience to be able to follow their progress during their journey, and we can’t wait to learn more about their findings.”

GMN is a longtime Iridium partner and played a critical role in keeping the Sea Dragon connected. GMN is a leader in advancing satellite data speeds and services, including satellite email, satellite phone internet and data optimization, offering a wide range of products to customers around the world. Over the years, GMN has helped expand Iridium’s reach through delivering a variety of devices and airtime packages using the Iridium® network across its global customer base. We are incredibly grateful for our strong partnership with GMN and look forward to future collaborations and projects!


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