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Satellite Communications & Emergency Preparedness: The Ultimate Power Couple

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Hurricane Season is here, and for people and businesses in high-risk areas, preparedness is key to weathering this season safely. Having the right tools at your fingertips can make all the difference. One critical but often missed step is including satellite communications (SATCOM) devices in your emergency toolkit.

During a hurricane or other natural disaster, power outages occur and cell towers are often damaged, compromising land-based communications networks. This leaves those relying on cellular devices without the ability to communicate with emergency services and loved ones. Unlike traditional land-based networks, which can experience outages associated with both natural and manmade disasters, Iridium’s satellites remain unaffected, continuing to provide weather-resilient communications in times of need. For first responders, relief organizations, utility companies, and other key personnel, having a satellite-connected option at the ready is critical in order to take action efficiently.

Iridium Connected® personal communicators, messengers, and trackers, and Iridium satellite phones and services are critical to maintaining reliable connectivity during hurricane season. Iridium’s network is the only fully global satellite network, ensuring connectivity across the entire planet, and its L-band spectrum delivers a weather resilient connection that will work during the harshest conditions. Additionally, Iridium Connected devices can work on-the-move and can act as both primary and backup communications modes.

Once you’ve fully charged your Iridium satellite phone, follow these steps to test it. Similar steps can be followed to test Iridium Connected devices:



To help you gear up, we’ve created a sample emergency preparedness checklist of must-have items for your toolkit. Most importantly, stay safe!

For more on hurricane season preparedness, visit Ready.Gov.

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