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Q&A with EVERYWHERE Communications

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Tell us more about EVERYWHERE Communications and your relationship with Iridium.

EVERYWHERE Communications leads the industry in innovative end-to-end solutions utilizing the Iridium® satellite network, Garmin® handheld communicators and EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™. EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™ is designed for users operating in and out of cellular coverage and leveraging our platform of EVERYWHERE Always Connected solutions.


Can you share some details on some of your products? Are there any features or unique capabilities that stand out?

EVERYWHERE Communications delivers a global suite of product solutions that provides vital communication links to save lives, improving connectivity and productivity for people and assets, and supporting remote worker safety and duty of care. Our ability to deliver global location, messaging, and SOS for total situational awareness on a single pane is specifically unique in the industry. The EVERYWHERE platform is purpose-built for Government and Enterprise organizations that have teams deployed in the field.



Your customers operate in some of the world’s toughest environments. Can you share some examples of how your solutions have supported them?

Our mission is to create safer working environments for remote employees, making EVERYWHERE Communications a vital part of front-line relief and critical moments around the globe. A recent example of this is the critical connectivity EVERYWHERE provided to Wildland Firefighters in the western United States. An EVERYWHERE-equipped Wildland Firefighter shared with us that, “having access to the exact location of resources on a fire is a game-changer, and another step towards safer wildland firefighting.”


Can you explain how the EVERYWHERE Platform works and how it’s been used for COVID-19 contact tracing?

Covid-19 has ravaged the planet and every company wants to ensure their employees minimize the risk of exposure. Contact tracing is an important tool to help with this. Organizations want to monitor their employees’ movements, especially when in small, indoor, and shared spaces. If a positive case comes back, administrators need to know when, where and who was in close contact.

With EVERYWHERE’s key feature Geofence alerts, customers can draw a geofence boundary around their various offices. Every time an employee using the EVERYWHERE App or Garmin inReach enters or exits the Geofence (or office), a notification is triggered. If an employee does indeed test positive for Covid-19, administrators can track the notification flow and identify which of their other employees may need to be tested or quarantined. At EVERYWHERE, we are proud to play a part in controlling the global pandemic and reducing the spread of coronavirus.


Photo: Geofencing used to monitor employees in buildings. Credit: EVERYWHERE


What is EVERYWHERE Intelligent Routing™ and how do your customers utilize it?

EVERYWHERE intelligent Routing™ provides seamless routing of communications between Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite. Our clients can text or email pictures of an equipment problem, troubleshoot with master mechanics’ who are not onsite, and solve problems quickly and efficiently. An EVERYWHERE customer operating in conflict areas shared, “EVERYWHERE intelligent Routing™ has been huge for us. Having a seamless tracking experience in and out of cell coverage has helped us protect our people in some of the world’s most dynamic environments.”

To learn more about EVERYWHERE Communications, visit: https://everywherecomms.com/

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