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Iridium Kids Join Parents to Learn about Space 2.0

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In late April, we opened our doors to the children of Iridium and Aireon employees for Bring Your Child to Work Day 2018. (Since Aireon is like our child, we thought it made sense to include their kids too!) Twenty-seven kids spent the day learning more about the future of space, and, of course, what their parents do all day long!

They started the day meeting Matt Desch, CEO, and Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, to learn the history of Iridium and the safety services we provide.

Throughout the day, they learned about the Iridium® NEXT launch program through SpaceX, the Internet of Things, and the exciting work of Aireon. The kids finished the day with virtual reality adventures in maritime, aviation, IoT, and recreation scenarios.

As your kids prepare for their summer breaks, take a look back at the day they spent in the Iridium Headquarters in McLean, Virginia – and hear about their favorite parts!

This was the fourth annual Bring Your Child to Work Day at the Iridium Headquarters. The Iridium office in Tempe, Arizona will host Iridium kids tomorrow, June 22.

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