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Cloud Cover(age): Elevating Satellite IoT With Iridium & AWS

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Iridium® CloudConnect, the groundbreaking satellite cloud-based IoT solution, formally passed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review, becoming a validated AWS solution. In addition to this validation, Iridium has joined the exclusive AWS Partner Network to provide innovative solutions, solve technical challenges, and deliver greater customer value.

This milestone achievement and partnership propels Iridium into a select league of technology providers uniquely positioned to help customers take advantage of all AWS has to offer and accelerate their journey to the cloud.


A Paradigm Shift in Satellite IoT Connectivity

Developers seeking a unified platform to manage connected devices can harness the power of Iridium CloudConnect in tandem with AWS’s supporting infrastructure and services. This translates to reduced engineering time, lowered operating costs, and expedited development of IoT products and applications.

For existing AWS customers, Iridium CloudConnect eliminates the barriers of terrestrial coverage, enabling easy expansion of service footprints. This accessibility opens avenues for enhanced service offerings and improved performance through Iridium satellite connectivity.

With Iridium CloudConnect, IoT is no longer limited by distance—expanding innovation, efficiency, and possibilities anywhere in the world.


Empowering Iridium CloudConnect through AWS Validation

Iridium CloudConnect stands as a testament to the unrelenting pursuit of innovation, integrating the truly global reach of the Iridium network with AWS IoT and cloud services. Since its inception, the solution has made it easier for companies to extend their IoT connectivity to more than 80% of the Earth’s surface that lacks terrestrial coverage. Iridium CloudConnect’s successful AWS validation re-emphasizes its capacity to meet and exceed these benchmarks, making it a leading trusted partner in the world of IoT solutions.

The partnership between Iridium and AWS builds on an alliance that provides IoT solutions to benefit mutual customers. It signifies a collaborative endeavor to innovate, overcome technical complexities, and deliver exceptional value. By combining Iridium’s truly global coverage and weather-resilient, highly reliable satellite network capabilities with AWS’s leading cloud platform, this partnership continues the trajectory of transformative solutions.


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