To celebrate reaching one million active subscribers, Iridium will be featuring the success stories of our customers in the range of markets we serve: land, maritime, aviation, IoT, and government. Experience their stories and see the growing impact Iridium has had on a personal, organizational, and global level.

When a pilot became caught above cloud cover with no visibility, the Spidertracks equipment onboard enabled him to call for help and receive the assistance he needed for a safe landing. The pilot, a young and inexperienced flier with no one else on board, had nothing to guide his landing in such cloudy conditions, but the plane’s Spider device connected him to those on the ground who could provide life-saving navigational instructions.

Spidertracks, an Iridium® Value Added Reseller, provides real-time aircraft tracking, from takeoff to landing, as well as two-way communication with aircrafts. The Spider hardware, which is easy to install and can be moved between different aircraft, connects to the Iridium® satellite network for truly global coverage even in tough weather conditions. Since 2007, Spidertracks has tracked over 6 million flights, ensuring that pilots like this one have the support they need to travel safely.

Watch Spidertracks CEO David Blackwell explain how the Iridium network provided a vital communication link to this pilot so that air traffic control could guide him through a safe landing.

Do you have a story about how Iridium technology has improved your safety, your quality of life, or your business operations? Select “Have a Story” here and share with us how Iridium keeps you connected. You may be featured in our “1 Million Subscribers Connected” campaign.

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