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1 Million Subscribers Connected: Unparalleled Connectivity in Remote Parts of Russia

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Marsat, an Iridium® partner based in Moscow, works to provide communications solutions over land, air, and sea throughout even the most remote regions of Russia. Run by Russia’s Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport, Marsat serves both private companies and government operations. Iridium is the only company providing total satellite coverage over the Arctic Circle, an area Russia wants to explore because of its rich natural resources. Many of Marsat’s customers seek out Iridium technology because Iridium’s truly global connectivity makes it the best service for their needs.

Marsat mainly provides maritime solutions, but it also works with Russian railroad systems and other transportation markets. In a region as remote as Siberia, only Iridium offers the connectivity needed for monitoring trains and ships to improve their safety. Iridium’s work with partners like Marsat will likely grow now that the International Maritime Organization has officially recognized Iridium to provide GMDSS services, starting in 2020. Marsat CEO Andrey Kuropyatnikov said that this approval “is exactly what is needed and will give us additional advantages in using satellite communications services in the North, where currently, a GMDSS coverage gap exists.”

Iridium empowers partners like Marsat to offer global, more feature-rich and cost-effective options to their customers. Together with Iridium, Marsat is innovating to make transit smarter and safer.

Watch Kuropyatnikov explain the importance of Iridium technology to government and private customers in Russia.



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