World’s First Truly Global Handheld Satellite PTT Radio Makes Commercial Debut

Iridium® and Icom Incorporated announced the commercial release of the Iridium Connected® Icom IC-SAT100, the world’s first dedicated satellite push-to-talk (PTT) radio. This device offers real time communications at the push of a button between groups of individuals, each of whom could be anywhere on the planet.

Iridium Certus® Wins ‘Top Connected Platform Solution’ at SATELLITE 2019

Iridium accepted the Mobile Satellite Users Association’s 2019 “Top Connected Platform Solution” Award for Iridium Certus® during the Mobility Satellite Innovation Awards at SATELLITE 2019. This award comes less than four months after Iridium Certus made its commercial debut.

New Era for Safety at Sea as First-ever Iridium® GMDSS Terminal is Unveiled

Iridium and partner Lars Thrane unveil the first Iridium Connected® terminal to provide Global Maritime Distress and Safety System services. The LT-3100S terminal will provide mariners with lifesaving GMDSS capabilities for 100% of the planet’s waterways. Iridium GMDSS services are expected to launch in January 2020.

Iridium Awarded Contract by the U.S. Department of Defense

Iridium has been awarded a new contract for Gateway Maintenance and Support Service by the Defense Information Systems Agency to continue supporting the U.S. DoD’s Enhanced Mobile Satellite Service Gateway.

Truly Global Communications

In a world where global communications are increasingly essential, only one company connects everyone to the things that matter most, from pole to pole. Iridium is a satellite communications company that offers voice and data connectivity anywhere in the world.

Your World. Our Network.SM

Through an expansive partner network driven by the collaboration of more than 400 leading technology companies and powered by Iridium core technologies, we are advancing the way enterprises, governments, and individuals communicate every day. The Iridium partner ecosystem leverages our partners’ specialized knowledge to deliver innovative solutions to users across a diverse set of industries around the globe.

Corporate Citizenship

Through our support of education, sustainability initiatives, disaster preparedness and relief, and our philanthropic efforts, we try to do our part to make the world a better place. We strive to set examples for those we work with, for, and around with high standards of corporate citizenship. Please follow the links below for more information.

Join Us in Saying #flarewell

Iridium is committed to both ensuring the sustainability of LEO networks in the future and serving as the leading example of what it means to be a responsible steward of space. As we replaced the original Iridium constellation, we have been retiring and deorbiting our first-generation satellites – which are taking their Iridium Flares with them. Help us pay tribute to these special streaks as we say #flarewell to the few remaining first-generation satellites in the sky and welcome the future of our new network!

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Iridium is proud to support a strong partner ecosystem driven by value-added collaboration, powered by Iridium core technologies and focused on delivering global communications solutions that connect people and information in exciting new way.