Supporting Your Business at Sea, Anywhere

With thousands of vessels and tankers travelling the world’s seas and oceans, reliable global communications can be a difference maker for fleet managers looking to optimize their daily activities and meet the growing demands of an increasingly global economy.

Iridium and its partners meet the needs of large and small commercial maritime operations with high-performance, flexible, cost-effective maritime voice and data communication solutions that keep vessels and crew connected to what matters most, over the planet’s entire surface.

Exceptional Reach, Reliability and Return on Investment

A recognized maritime communications leader, Iridium offers customers several key competitive advantages, including:

  • Connectivity in every corner of the Earth
  • Data plans with up to 40% savings over competitors
  • Flexible airtime packages with minimal (month-to-month) terms, helping improve cost efficiency for your business
  • A continued commitment to providing best-in-class L-Band communications, giving you what you need rather than telling you what you want
  • Easy access to the service of tomorrow with Iridium Certus(SM)


A Link from Ship to Shore

With a range of value-added service providers, Iridium helps ship operators succeed in a competitive market by:

  • Offering highly resilient communications of critical information needed while at sea
  • Enabling greater levels of speed and efficiency for data communications such as up-to-date charts, weather reports and port information
  • Providing three voice lines standard to enable simple operations and easy access for crew calling
  • Offering smaller equipment that can be mounted higher on the ship, enhancing reliability
  • Supporting more cost- and fuel-efficient operations

Built to Perform in Tough Conditions

Backed by an industry-leading five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, Iridium Pilot® is the only global, reliable connection for broadband voice and data maritime communications. Powered by the Iridium OpenPort® broadband service, — supports commercial vessels with exceptional performance, durability and value at sea.


Putting Ship and Crew Safety First

On the open water, being prepared is often the best protection. A ship in distress needs the reassurance of a dependable communications system — especially when travelling outside the limits of traditional maritime communications.

A Range of Global Anti-piracy Solutions

International waters are becoming increasingly threatened by piracy and the need for ships to have highly secure communications is essential.

To counter the threat of piracy, Iridium and its partners provide a number of solutions that are built with Iridium’s leading technologies and specifically designed to assist in the case of an attack on the vessel.

One of the Toughest and Smartest Handsets Ever

Iridium Extreme combines market-leading toughness with an unmatched feature set including location awareness and a fully-integrated SOS button with emergency response service — making it the ultimate emergency lifeline for grab bags and lifeboats.

GMDSS from Pole-to-Pole

The International Maritime Organization’s Maritime Safety Committee officially recognized Iridium to provide Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) services on May 21, 2018, ending a decades-long satellite industry monopoly. Iridium is now focused on implementing this service, with an expected launch as early as 2020, at a fraction of the price of competing solutions.


Ensure your Operations are Always on Track

Navigating remote waters under tight schedules involves a certain amount of unpredictability. Fortunately, ship operators can rely on Iridium machine-to-machine enabled solutions to access comprehensive asset tracking and monitoring data — enhancing safety, efficiency and compliance with regulatory standards.

The Only LRIT System Operating in Sea Area A4

Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) equipment is mandatory for all international voyages by passenger ships, high-speed craft, mobile offshore drilling units and cargo ships over 300 gross tons. Iridium enables LRIT via Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) service with truly global coverage and a range of high-performance dedicated device options.


In Touch With What Matters Most

Life at sea can take its toll on anyone on board. The ability to talk on the phone, exchange messages and conduct personal business can help improve crew morale and productivity — something only Iridium makes possible no matter where you are on the globe.

Flexible, Affordable Calling and Data Options

Iridium Pilot helps increase crew retention by letting crew send emails, browse the web, connect on social media, and make up to three voice calls at the same time, even at peak times and during data transmission.