Helping operations get off the ground

From search and rescue and off-the-grid work, to executive transport and media reporting, helicopters are increasingly used to support a variety of missions, each with their own operational challenges. Chief among them is the need for reliable and affordable in-flight connectivity that performs under the blades.

Iridium and its partners provide rotorcraft solutions that leverage low-cost avionics and antennas to deliver fleet monitoring, and flight diagnostics and voice communications to the rotary-blade aircraft market.

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Helicopter connectivity truly takes

Used in more than 15,000 helicopters around the world, Iridium is the only satellite communications company to offer:

  • Connectivity under moving rotor blades due to optimal degree “low look” angle connectivity near the horizon
  • Connectivity regardless of antenna orientation
  • A range of solutions designed to address the specific needs of helicopter operators, including HEMS and HUMS data reporting, flight tracking and operational efficiencies in fleet management or VIP passenger communications.

Exceptional value for rotorcraft of
any size

Iridium offers customers several key competitive advantages, including:

  • Robust, pole-to-pole satellite coverage
  • Competitive universal rates, on the ground and in the air
  • Low lifecycle costs of any long-range communications solution
  • Small form factor equipment, making it easy to install
  • Low-gain antenna options offering less drag on the aircraft
  • Smooth transition and forward compatibility to our next generation satellite constellation, providing connectivity for decades to come.


Meeting the needs of the global
rotorcraft community

As the only satellite network that provides connectivity under moving rotor blades, there are more than 15,000 rotorcraft equipped with Iridium solutions around the world. From the ground to the sky, Iridium enables fast, reliable means of transmitting critical voice and data communications for the rotorcraft community. Highly customized solutions for the rotorcraft market are designed to address specific challenges and needs, such as global data reporting, flight tracking and fleet management.

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Keeping data flowing to and from rotorcraft

Through the power of high-value, global data communications, Iridium redefines operational control for rotorcraft with solutions that help operators meet the latest requirements for engine management and regulatory compliance. Specific capabilities include:

  • Solutions that support Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) and Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) FAA requirements
  • Access to an immediate picture of relevant operational parameters
  • Tracking, exception reporting, trending data, alerts and alarms

Flight following from pole to pole

Iridium-enabled solutions provide unmatched visibility of a helicopter’s movement – anywhere on the planet. Up-to-date information regarding route and air traffic, along with access to the latest weather charts and environmental conditions help to not only increase safety in the most remote regions, but also improve fleet management and overall operational efficiencies.

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Fast. Simple. Global. PTT as it was
meant to be.

Ideally suited for the rotorcraft industry, Iridium Push-to-Talk delivers low-latency group communication at the push of a button — with no limits, no compromise, anywhere on the planet.

Easy portable solution available with Iridium Extreme PTT or an aircraft fixed solution is available from Flightcell with the DZMx.

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Unlocking effective fleet

Iridium data monitoring and flight tracking solutions support efficient business logistics at the very core. Enhanced asset management, usage monitoring and resource management enable better fleet-wide coordination, from the most remote environments to dense urban centers.


Your very own office in the sky

With Iridium, offsite never means offline. Rotorcraft passengers can stay in touch, manage work tasks and receive important updates — regardless of their location or flight path.

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High-performance broadband

The Thales LiveAero™ solution, enabled by Iridium OpenPort broadband service, gives business rotorcraft the power of reliable, low-latency and high-speed in-flight connectivity for tablets and laptops – everywhere. Passengers with Wi-Fi-enabled devices have access to broadband, with connectivity through all stages of the flight.

Iridium Certus℠ is a new multi-service communications platform that will offer broadband service for operational and passenger communications with greater speeds, up to 1.4 megabits per second with a single user terminal.


Smartphones now work

Iridium GO!® provides global voice and text messaging for smartphone users with data capabilities offered through optimized apps. No worries. Just connected, wherever you are.


The truly global advantage

Powered by a unique global constellation of 66 cross-linked low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites, Iridium provides coverage over the Earth’s entire surface —including oceanic and polar regions where no other communications are available.


Partner ecosystem

An engine for global innovation

Iridium is proud to support a strong partner ecosystem driven by value-added collaboration, powered by Iridium core technologies and focused on delivering global communications solutions that connect people and information in exciting new ways. 


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