VMS Vessel Monitoring System by ZUNIBAL

The VMS Vessel Monitoring System is the Zunibal fishing vessel tracking equipment and is built in with a human interface with three operation buttons:

• On/Off
• Fishing Activity/Cease Fishing
• Crossing

It has an RF interface with a Zuni-C Antenna (certified by Iridium), and a USB interface for downloading of report positions totally secure and confidential.

The VMS Vessel Monitoring System by ZUNIBAL works with Iridium Short Burst Data system.

Technical Specifications & Features

• Satellite Communication
• Truly Global Coverage
• Real Time Reports
• Robust Construction
• Low Consumption
• Secure and Confidential Information
• Maintenance Free


• Storage Temperature Range : -30º to +70º

RF Specifications

• Frequency Range: 1616 MHz to 1626.5 MHz

Mechanical Specifications

• Height: 2000 mm
• Width: 180 mm
• Depth: 84 mm
• Weight: 3.3 kg

In-Band Characteristics

• Current Consumption: 18mA