Weather4D Routing & Navigation

Weather4D Routing & Navigation is a satellite maritime app for the Iridium GO!® that integrates weather forecasting, routing calculations, navigation with digitized raster charts, instruments and data sharing to maximize your boating experience.

Weather4D includes two other flavors which support Iridium Go! direct download:

A fourth application called iWatchSat indicates when a satellite is easily reachable with Iridium.  With an improved connection and signal quality, connection attempts and time to download are considerably reduced.


Technical Specifications & Features

  • Direct download GRIB files with Iridium GO!
  • View combined weather data displayed in 3D HD layers animated automatically or manually by sliding a finger on the screen.
  • Over 35 weather and oceanographic models are available with a yearly subscription (in-app purchase).
  • Routing calculation optimizes for safety, comfort and performance when sailing, motoring, or mixing the two.
  • Create a route and calculate its associated routings in function of departure dates/times, forecasts (weather, wave and current), minimum sailing speed, motoring speed, boat polar, maximum wind and minimum distance to the coast.
  • Restart a routing calculation at anytime from the actual boat position.
  • See SOG, COG, VMC, HDG, TWS, AWS, ETAs, ETWs, AIS data and more in real time along with weather and routing information with a wifi connection to a transponder.
  • Set alarms to alert about surrounding boats, low precision GPS signal, excessive XTE, course deviations, excessive wind speed and low depth.
  • Take advantage of the iPad/iPhone built in compass, pressure and acceleration sensors.
  • Share AIS and boat sensors data like wind, current, pressure, air and sea temperature within the Weather4D users community.
  • Activate Man Overboard safety feature to estimate drift and thus rescue location based on current and wind.
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