GAP Lone Worker App

Meet your duty of care by turning an iPhone or Android device into a safety tool. The GAP Lone Worker app is simply the easiest and most effective way to ensure the well-being of anyone working alone, or off-site.

  • Easy Check-in with Automated Reminders
  • SOS Alerting with Real-time Monitoring
  • Man-down Detection and Alerting
  • Journey Tracking
  • ‘Monitor Me’ Feature for Peace of Mind in High-risk Situations
  • Complete Activity Log Including Check-in, Monitoring and Tracking
  • Travel Advice & Alerts


GAP Portal

The GAP Portal is a feature-rich, versatile, web-based hub to connect, manage and communicate with lone workers and a broad range of devices.

Key Features of the GAP Portal:

  • Monitor Employee Status and Location from your Web Browser
  • Centralised and Comprehensive Management of Alerts and Notifications, in Real-time. For Example: SOS, Overdue Check-in, Crossed Geo-fence, or Changes in Speed or Altitude
  • Setup Check-in Schedules and Automate Monitoring
  • Raise Alerts Based on Multiple Criteria Using the Sophisticated Rules Engine and Event Notifications Tools
  • Alert Escalation Contacts Immediately When There’s an Incident
  • Configure App Settings Remotely
  • Manage Licenses in Real-time (Add, Suspend, or Cancel)
  • Access time-stamped incident logs and reports for journey monitoring, incident investigations, training or continuous improvement of your safety practices.