C4i Platform

Providing management with near-real time visibility of their assets in the field represents a significant advance in risk management and command and control capability for organizations.

Track24’s C4i Platform is an integrated Command, Control, Communications, Crisis Management and Information platform. It provides a single, simultaneous picture of operations shared across remote terminals in near-real time allowing security managers and operations staff to make faster and better informed decisions. The system allows you to track mobile assets (vehicles, maritime vessels, aircraft and personnel) and monitor static locations (residences and offices). It also provides a shared picture of your operational area on a single software platform.

In this respect, the C4i system incorporates numerous features geared specifically towards security and crisis management.

The C4i Platform supports a wide range of advanced tracking and safety devices. This allows Track24 to tailor make packages that meet the individual requirements of our clients. The devices, each suited to different operational circumstances, transmit their GPS position and status to the C4i Platform using GSM, satellite or radio communications.


How it Works


Track24 has developed a sophisticated Message Handling System (MHS) and front end web application (C4i Platform) that supports multiple remote monitoring and tracking devices, and communicates with them over multiple wireless networks, both satellite and terrestrial. The high-throughput MHS extracts, interprets and reacts to the asset information from remote devices, providing active control and management of the operational assets. The tracking devices, or ‘remote terminals’, transmit position updates to the Track24 servers at preset intervals. Via a secure login, C4i Platform users are then able to view the exact location of devices in near-real time on a digital map interface.

As the solution is designed for risk management, messages sent between remote terminals and the C4i interface may include other types of critical communication such as panic/distress signals, 2-way text messages, ‘situational awareness’ data, or commands to reconfigure the settings of devices. This enables organizations to quickly locate, account for and communicate with their remote employees & assets, and to have an informed ‘starting point’ for responding more effectively to incidents. When an asset alarm (panic, geofence, text message, speed etc.) is triggered on the C4i Platform, a number of actions occur to ensure key personnel are notified. On the C4i web interface a pop-up identifies the asset and provides its location (10 figure Grid in MGRS and Lat/Long). The C4i servers also automatically push e-mails and SMS notifications out to alert key people and provide asset and location details. The system incorporates inclusive and exclusive geofencing functions to detect a person or vehicle arriving at or leaving a location, crossing a waypoint, or deviating from a prescribed route.

Technical Specifications & Features


  • Administrative Control – the client has total control and does not need to refer to Track24 for any administrative changes.
  • Advanced Security – both in terms of the secure web protocols for data transfer and password encryption.
  • System Reliability – unparalleled track record of system up time. The Track24 C4i platform is written in a programming language that isolates errors and prevents system crashes.
  • Multiple Communication Modes – the C4i platform supports a wide range of hardware devices. They transmit their GPS position and status to the C4i platform using GSM, satellite or radio communications.
  • Information Layers – annotate assets and locations to ensure all information is immediately available in the event of a crisis.
  • Messaging – integration of 2-way text messaging allowing the nature of incidents to be confirmed.
  • Alarms – advanced alarm notification system allowing information about an alarming asset to immediately appear and pushing this information by SMS and e-mail to key personnel around the world.
  • Geofencing – defined areas on the map screen that can be set to trigger an alarm in response to asset movement.


The Track24 C4i platform is a web–based application and therefore can function on any computer with internet access. All major web browsers are supported.