IAA.01 External Magnetic Mount Iridium Antenna

The IAA.01 is a high performance magnetic mount antenna which is designed specific to communicate efficiently with the Iridium® satellite communication system. The IAA.01 utilises the Taoglas expertise in ceramics by incorporating a ceramic patch tuned specifically for the antenna environment, giving greater stability. The antenna housing is strong, corrosive proof and waterproof to IP67. The magnetic mount allows for easy installation and removal between vehicles or assets, it is easily converted to an adhesive type for greater flexibility.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • 1616MHz ~1626.5MHz Bandwidth 15MHz
  • Low Profile Magnetic Mount
  • 1.2M RG-174 Cable Connector SMA(M)
  • Custom cables and connectors available
  • IP67
  • Waterproof
  • 40.8*38*12.4mm (1.6*1.5*0.5inches)
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