QWIP stands for Quick Web Information Pulls. It’s the latest in a long line of products from OCENS that cost-effectively deliver content to your computer or wireless device through satellite connections. Use QWIP to select the sport, team, stock or news category(s) of interest to you. Each QWIP you start then pulls results pertinent to those selections.

QWIP auto-dials through your satellite phone, pulls the content you desire rapidly to you and then closes the connection behind it. Because we open and close the door to the Internet for you there is no chance to accidentally leave that door open and incur unexpected airtime expenses, unnecessary downloads or unwanted updates if connecting via broadband satellite. And because we figuratively dash through that open door we also make it possible for low-bandwidth users on Iridium GO! and Iridium handhelds to acquire the sports, stocks and news information they desire.

For more information, visit OCENS.com