Multiband MICA IR Antenna


The MICA range includes the MICA SOLO (Iridium only), the MICA IR (Iridium GPS) and the RM MICA IR (roof mount Iridium GPS). Further we have developed an accessory called the MICA-MAG, which is a simple magnetic attachment that coverts the MICA SOLO and MICA IR into a Magnetic Mount antenna.

Multiband, through our manufacturing partners ‘Webb Industries’, also produces and supplies worldwide a wide range of Iridium antennas. These include the external VENUS and ALPHA roof mount antennas and the PCB-based embedded combination antennas for integration inside black box designs referred to as the OEM IR range. These antennas are a combination of Iridium, GPS, GSM, WIFI and Zigbee. Multiband also undertakes antenna design projects using in-house design and rapid prototype printing.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Small foot-print – 70mm diameter
  • Iridium and Iridium GPS options
  • PCB board conformal coated
  • Cable exit sealed
  • IP66
  • Groundplane independent
  • Install on glass, fiberglass or metal
  • Sky side moulded into random


  • Available with RG174, LMR100 or RG58
  • Multiple connector choices