Multiband - 2J6026M Magnetic Mount Antenna


  • Comes with Embedded Magnet and Double-sided Pad
  • Iridium Only
  • Groundplane Independent
  • 1.5m of Low Loss RG174/LMR100
  • Small Footprint, Low Profile

Technical Specifications & Features


Electrical Specifications

  Frequencies  Iridium (1.616 – 1.626 GHz)
  Impedance  50 Ohms
  Polarization  RHCP
  Gain  3dBiC
  VSWR  <1.5:1
  Operating Temperature  -40°C to +85°C



  Height  12.81 mm
  Length   80 mm
  Width   76 mm
  Weight  70 g (Weight Includes Cable)


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Product datasheet for 2J 6026M Antenna.

Services: Iridium Postpaid Calling, Iridium Prepaid Calling
Verticals: IoT
Applications: Aviation