Micro-Design - T200G Remote Monitor


The T200G has incorporated the Iridium 9603 transceiver in its small form factor to give you the latest technology with the smallest footprint. This unit is powered in multiple ways: first with a five-year lithium power pack, direct transformer power or the “Green” solar panel with battery trickle charge.

How it works

This monitor/tracker is easy to use and is ideal in remote locations with no power available. Some typical applications include: tank level monitoring—fuels, water, lubricants, chemicals, gases, solids, frac water monitoring; backup generator monitoring; mobile asset tracking, as well as security and surveillance. Simply drop a sensor in your tank, hook up the monitor and attach the monitor to the tank with the powerful magnetic feet and turn it on. The T200G interfaces with any industry standard sensors whether it is a radar, sonic or pressure gauge.

Micro-Design has a long line of great sensor choices and long lasting relationships with a majority of the industry leading vendors. With the built-in GPS, you can track your assets wherever they go, and keep in communication with your assets with the automatic email and text message alerts. If you are not monitoring your assets with LevelCon, then you are throwing money away!

Technical Specifications & Features

  • 4x 12 Bit Analog Inputs for interfacing with virtually any sensor
  • 4x Digital Inputs for custom alarms and status
  • Iridium 9603 Communications or GSM/CDMA and 802.11g Wifi
  • 4x Digital Outputs for local alerts and control
  • GPS Enabled for mobile asset tracking
  • 24/7 Access to Data on LevelCon Cloud