Marsat - LBS/SBD Service Portal


Morviazsputnik, or Marsat for short, has been Iridium’s longest-serving partner in Russia, providing an easy-to-use platform to access the power of the Iridium’s global data network.

Our LBS/SBD GIS Service Portal constitutes only a part of the developed infrastructure – it is a tool for task solution of LBS/SBD devices simple monitoring and text messages exchange. Marsat LBS/SBD Service Portal provides a possibility to connect your service server directly to SBD Iridium gateway, without spending significant efforts, expenses and time for communication link arranging and Iridium gateway cooperation procedures coordination. Partners don’t need to develop their own VPN channel to Iridium gateway. Marsat has developed a range of services that allow choosing the M2M project technical implementation taking into account your capabilities and the problem to be solved.

In view of this, three services have been developed:

  • IP-redirect
  • HTTPs
  • GIS Portal (Premium Class)

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