IridiumLink 2-Way Logging Transmitter


Sutron’s IridiumLink Datalogger and transceiver provides simple telemetry anywhere. IridiumLink has two primary purposes:

  • To Collect and Store Data from Meteorological and Hydrological Sensors
  • To Transmit that Data Wirelessly to a Central System, Website, or Other Receiving Station

IridiumLink products are designed to operate in a wide range of applications including:

  • Surface Water Level, Flow and Quality Monitoring
  • Groundwater Level and Quality Networks
  • Geotechnical Sensing
  • Weather Observation
  • Flood Warning
  • Oceanic Monitoring
  • Oil and Gas Production
  • Any Low-power, Remote Environmental Data Acquisition Project

Technical Specifications & Features

  • GUI Setup Program
  • Terminal Strip with Screw Terminals for I/O and Power Connections
  • Operates 8-16VDC — 12V Recommended for SDI-12 Sensors
  • TCXO Real-Time Clock with Battery Backup (+/-4ppm)
  • Solar Panel Regulator for Panels up to 30 Watts
  • Options to Average or Accumulate any Measurement
  • Lightning Protection (Gas Tube) on All External Inputs
  • User Specified Equation on any Measurement
  • User Specified Alarm Detection on Any Measurement
  • 2 LED for Verification/Diagnostics
  • Log Capacity of 240K of Data Accessible via Iridium and Direct Connect
  • Switched Battery Output
  • Also Operates as a Standalone Recorder Without Telemetry
  • USB Slave for Connection to PC. (The USB port will NOT work with Typical USB Devices Like Memory Sticks, Modems, etc.)
  • Real Time Clock Operates with Internal Lifetime Battery
  • Support for up to 16 Measurements of the Following Inputs:
  • SDI-12/RS485
  • 5 Analog Inputs:
  • Two (2) Single-Ended Inputs (range 0-5V)
  • Two (2) Differential Inputs (range +/-39mv, +/-312mV, +/-2.5V)
  • One (1) 4-20mA Input
  • 2 Digital Inputs. They can be used for tipping bucket, frequency, and on/off inputs
  • 2 Internal SPI for Future Expansion
  • Internal Temperature
  • Battery Voltage
  • Meta Measurement Telemetry via Iridium
  • Periodic Transmissions at User Set Times with Data in User-Selectable Format (Pseudobinary B, C, SHEF & ASCII)
  • Support for Primary and Secondary Master Stations via Iridium
  • Alarm Transmissions as they are Detected
  • Diagnostics to Track Data and Telemetry Performance
  • Iridium Station is Alert-Compatible via SutronWIN
  • Support for Remote Commands for Data Collection, Maintenance or Control of Two On/Off Devices
  • Optional Authentication of Incoming Messages to Insure they are from a Trusted Source