iNavX - Marine Chartplotter App

Navigate Confidently, Navigate with iNavX the world’s #1 Handheld Chartplotter. Trusted internationally by casual and professional sailors, cruisers, boaters, fishermen, and divers.

iNavX provides access to all of your favorite charts directly through the app. Fully enabled with one-touch purchase and download, iNavX gives users the most streamlined access to the broadest set of marine charts and maps from multiple providers.

  • Navionics
  • CHS
  • Fugawi
  • NV Charts
  • Theyr Weather
  • Waterway Guide
  • Trak Maps
  • Solteknik

iNavX takes handheld marine navigation to the next level.

  • Anglers: Discover new fishing spots by scouting out deep holes and inlets. Locate the best fishing conditions by identifying cold fronts. Save your best fishing spots with the only app that offers unlimited markers.
  • Sailors: Plan great routes with waypoint and route management. Have proactive sail management with GRIB weather forecasts. Then keep watch with integration with external AIS receivers and responders. And remember great locations by geo-tagging photos.
  • Boaters: Stay up to date on boating conditions with weather forecasts that includes currents, winds, and swells. Manage your equipment with nautical instrument integration. Then save and share great boating routes to share with the track log.

*This app requires Iridium Mail & Web app installed on your mobile device to download weather over Iridium.