Hirschmann IRD-S2-Cellular Tri-Band Screw Mount Antenna

Hirschmann Car Communication’s Iridium GPS Cellular screw mount antenna is an Iridium certified antenna combined with GPS and Cellular antennas, providing you with a compact and reliable integration into your Iridium-enabled tracking application.

This product comes with a robust slotted mounting nut which supports a secure and fast installation independent of cable length and connectors. The cable length of the standard RG174 Low Loss cable and the connector type can be customized to meet your needs. Other cable types are available upon request.

Part Number: HIRD-S2-0105

How it Works
To ensure that the Iridium combination antenna has an unobstructed view to the Iridium satellites, it is recommended to position the antenna (Part Number: HIRD-S2-0105) on the highest possible location of roof of the vehicle or equipment.

The cable length of the standard RG174 low-loss cable and the connector type can be customized to meet your needs. Extension cables may be required. Other cable and connector configurations are available upon request.

Mounting requirements and restrictions:

  • Choose appropriate mounting location on flat surface
  • Maximum tolerable mounting material thickness 10 mm/ 0.4 inches
  • Safely drill 15 mm / 0.6 in. mounting hole at desired location
  • Clean mounting area with isopropyl alcohol or similar
  • Unscrew mounting nut
  • Feed all cables through mounting hole
  • Slide slotted mounting nut over cables and screw back on to antenna mounting stud
  • Maximum tightening torque is 5Nm


Technical Specifications & Features

  • Iridium GPS Cellular combination antenna
  • Small footprint
  • GPS LNA overload protection
  • Screw mounting with slotted mounting nut
  • Small mounting hole
  • Customization of cable lengths, types and connectors possible
  • Optional ruggedized housing


  • Frequency range : 1616 – 1626.5 MHz
  • Impedance : 50 Ohm
  • VSWR: = 1.8
  • Gain: 3 dBic
  • Polarization: RHCP
  • Axial ratio: < 4 dB
  • Load capacity: 8 W
  • Lightning protection: DC grounded


  • Amplification: 26 ±2 dB typ.
  • Gain: 2 dBic
  • Noise figure: = 2.5 dB typ.
  • Voltage supply: 3.0 to 5.5 V ±0.5 V
  • Current consumption: = 13 mA at 5 V ±0.5 V (typ. 10 mA)


  • VSWR: = 2.0
  • Gain: > 3.0 dBi typ.
  • Load capacity: 10 W pulsed (max.)


  • Dimensions: 124 x 80 x 69 mm / 4.9 x 3.2 x 2.7 inches
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +80°C / -40°F to +176°F
  • Protection class: IP66 (acc. IEC 60529)