GRIB Explorer Plus


A decade’s worth of experience developing GRIB analysis tools for circumnavigators, expeditions and explorers is crafted into the most powerful yet easy-to-use iPad GRIB download and viewing tool available for the everyday enthusiast.

OCENS GRIB Explorer Plus melds GRIB weather and ocean data into sensational images carrying unparalleled insights into the environment around you. GRIB data is overlaid on fantastic earth imagery for any location in the world. Fingertip response reveals high accuracy latitude/longitude position, bearing and range from your “Home Location” to the point under study and, of course, the weather or ocean parameter value(s) at the subject point.

GRIB Explorer Plus also adds Satellite Mode to conventional internet retrieval. Satellite Mode enables connectivity through Iridium, Inmarsat and Globalstar satellite phones and the OCENS Everon data services. Obtain the highest quality weather and ocean data FOR anywhere on Earth FROM anywhere on Earth!

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