Fastwave - Voyager Drifter Buoy

The Voyager Drifter Buoy provides near real-time ocean current, sea surface temperature and oil spill tracking data via Iridium satellite telemetry.

The Voyager transmits GPS position, sea surface temperature and battery voltage and delivers the data to Fastwave’s secure servers. From there it is decoded and made accessible through an on-line data management portal, or data can be delivered directly to your applications. The Fastwave management system enables clients to send commands to the Voyager to change reporting intervals (2 min – 24 Hour) or geofences to be set up. Additional sensor options, e.g. fluorometer, turbidity, compact weather station and AIS enabled version for local vessel alerting and tracking options are available. Voyager Drifter Buoy features include, Long endurance – eg around 300 days at three hourly reporting, Re-useable, User replaceable, long shelf-life, flyable D-Cell alkaline battery pack. Robust, compact design – drop launch from up to 15m without parachute, Simple to deploy with magnetic on/off switch, LED and vibration alert for on/off and remotely adjustable reporting interval (2 Min – 24 Hrs.) Additional accessory options include Marker flag and strobe light to assist in recovery, Drogue for sub-surface tracking, Parachute for airborne deployment and a Transport Case.

Unlike spherical drift buoys, the Voyager’s unique fin design and low freeboard ensures close coupling with the ocean surface layer and minimum wind influence. The Voyager has very simple operation and deployment procedures, making it ideal for oil spill response and emergency Search and Rescue (SAR) applications. Robust construction allows the Voyager to be dropped overboard from vessels or offshore platforms, or deployed from aircraft using an optional parachute.

Applications Include:

  • Ocean Current Tracking
  • Sea Surface Temperature Monitoring
  • Oil Spill Modelling and Tracking
  • Outfall and Ddredge plume Tracking
  • Maritime Search and Rescue Operations
  • Contaminant and Debris Tracking
  • Coastal Engineering Studies
  • Water Quality Studies
  • Coral Spawning Studies

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Technical Specifications & Features

  • Height Overall: 510mm
  • Diameter: 250mm
  • Weight: 4.7 Kg
  • Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Power Supply: Alkaline D Cell Battery Pack (12 X D-Cell, 9V)
  • Communications: Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) – Iridium Satellite & GPRS
  • Temperature Sensor: Water Temp: -2 to +65 Degrees Celsius
  • Operating Life: Minimum 2000 Transmissions with Fully Charged Battery Pack
  • Deployable from Small Boat, Ship, Rig or Aircraft with Optional Parachute
  • Optional Accessories: Parachute for Aircraft Deployment, Drogue & Line for Coupling to Sub-surface Layers (Specify depth), Recovery Flag on 2m Mast, Recovery Strobe Light, Transportation and Storage Hard Case
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