Combining the Whisper with T24’s blue force tracking, command and control Platforms allows you to monitor and manage personnel and assets on an affordable common operating picture. As T24 Platforms are web-based, users can access them from anywhere with an internet connection, whether that be a mobile tablet computer or a sophisticated operations centre.

T24 has also introduced a field-based application, the SCC Tactical (Situational Command and Control – Tactical). This uses the Whisper as a secure communication bearer to provide blue force tracking and command and control from anywhere in the world.

Robust and versatile, the Whisper can be hand-carried or deployed as a vehicle tracker using the optional vehicle kit. Important additional features are the IP67 casing, LCD colour screen, RS232, USB ports, an emergency button with LED indicator, Iridium acquisition LED, and message LED indicator.

How it works

Tracking:  T24 Whisper provides complete global coverage and option of AES-256 bit encryption. The reporting rate can be changed as required, from one minute intervals upwards. Waypoint marking and ‘checking’ messages are also supported, all controlled through the device’s colour LCD screen. Impressive battery life allows for over 20 days of operation (at 15-minute position reporting based on 10 hours per day).

Panic Button: When the emergency button is pushed, audible and visual alerts appear on T24 Platforms. Notification of the alarm is also automatically forwarded by SMS and e-mail to nominated recipients and SCC Tactical first responders.

Chat Messaging:  The Whisper provides 2-way chat messaging between the device and T24 Platforms, device to asset group and device to device. Free text, predefined canned messages and asset groups are supported.

M2M:  A machine to machine (M2M) connection is available using RS232 or Bluetooth connection allowing for remote configuration and advanced monitoring of computer systems via T24 Platforms or SCC Tactical.

Tech Specs & Features

  • Certification: FCC, IC & CE 
  • Rating: IP67 
  • Dimensions: 135mm x 61mm x 35mm 
  • Weight: 300 g (0.65 pound) 
  • I/O Interface: Standard mini USB; 1x Digital I/P 
  • Communication Interface: RS232 interface; Class 2 Bluetooth (10 metre range)
  • Software upgrade: Via mini USB 
  • Operating Temp: –20°C to +55°C 
  • Operating Humidity: < 95% RH 
  • Iridium Frequency: 1616 to 1626.5 MHz 
  • GPS Frequency: 1575.42 MHz (L1 carrier) 
  • GPS: Ultra High sensitive -163 dBm 
  • Part Number: T24-0001456-WHP 
  • NATO Stock No: 5895-99-739-9606


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