SATTRANS 9555 Office Docking Station

With the Iridium 9555 Office Docking Station from SATTRANS, you can use your Iridium satellite phone indoors. Any office, home, basecamp or shelter can be quickly set up with this docking unit, ensuring that you are always connected to the world.

Tech Specs & Features

  • Full duplex hands-free operation of Iridium 9555 phones
  • Perfect voice reproduction and echo cancellation
  • Built-in speaker and microphone
  • Data transfer via mini-USB data port
  • 2.5mm (3/32 in.) audio jack for a handset or earpiece
  • Charges phone battery
  • 32 ft (10 m) antenna cable included
  • Two-year worldwide warranty
  • Certified by Iridium for use on its network

Operating temperature: -13° to 176°F (-25° to 80°C)
Power Adaptor 110—240V AC
Input power: 10—16V DC, max 2A
Height: 7.5 in. (190 mm) – cradle
Width: 2.76 in. (70 mm) – cradle
Depth: 2.4 in. (61 mm) – cradle
Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg) - retail box
Compatibility: Iridium 9555 satellite phone
Note: Antenna is NOT included


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