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MailASail's Teleport-Mail is the email system of choice for thousands of sailors and explorers all over the globe. With an emphasis on increasing ease of use and reliability, its advanced compression algorithms will save up to 90% on airtime and dramatically reduce cost. Spam and virus filtering are standard features, as well as smart blocking of large attachments. Optionally enable instant notification of new emails direct to your Iridium satellite phone.

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Tech Specs & Features

MailASail's Teleport-Mail is part of the Teleport-IT suite of services. The Teleport-Mail service consists of:

  • A fast and reliable email service, competing with gmail, yahoo, etc.
  • Advanced compression of your email. Gives a much faster and more reliable download, especially over slower internet connections such as congested WiFi hotspots, 3G and satellite.
  • Advanced Anti-Spam control. No-one likes receiving junk mail.
  • Virus Scanning at source. It can be hard to keep virus scanners up to date when travelling. Relax as we update our scanners minute by minute to detect new and evolving threats and block them before they reach you.
  • Selective Attachment Blocking. Avoid gumming up your internet connection trying to download an unwanted large attachment.
  • Notification of new emails by SMS to your satellite phone. Don't waste airtime just to check for new messages.


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