MailASail Teleport - Firewall

Use MailASail's Teleport-Firewall to automatically speed up your computer’s data connection via satellite phone and block out any unwanted programs that may be slowing down your connection.

Teleport-Firewall allows satellite phone users to dramatically speed up their data connection for sending and receiving emails. It will block out any programs wasting data in the background on your computer, optimizing your satellite phone connection and ensuring you are getting best speeds and avoiding wasting money on unwanted downloads. Teleport-Firewall is the frontline in avoiding bill-shock (unwanted or unexpectedly high airtime bills).

The Teleport-Firewall is very quick to set-up and use, with simple push button selections that are easy for non-technical users to operate and regain control. It is available either as a standalone hardware appliance as part of the "Red-Box router" or as a standalone software install for Windows/Mac-OSX.

Tech Specs & Features

  • Prevent unwanted applications wasting airtime and data
  • Simple "profile based" rules, ideal for non technical users
  • Increases download speeds
  • Prevents "bill-shock" (unwanted and unexpectedly high airtime bills)
  • Designed specifically for non technical users


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