Latitude SkyNode S200

Network from anywhere. The S200 supports narrow-band networking for aircraft requiring text messaging, email, FTP and internet access. The SkyNode was designed with application versatility in mind. Order the features you require and add more in the future should the need arise.

The S200 is supported by the Sentinel suite of subscription based services and server-side data management utilities.

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Tech Specs & Features

  • Complete tracking and voice satellite communications in a single enclosure
  • Autonomous flight following operations
  • Reliable 2-way data networking/messaging
  • Remotely configurable
  • Data logging and event triggers from external switches/buttons and system bus source
  • Internal GPS receiver module
  • Multiple voice communication options
  • Versatile mounting configurations

Electrical and Data Interfaces
  • Power input voltage: 12-34 VDC (with reverse, over voltage and over current protection)
  • Current: 0.5 A nominal, 0.8 A during transmi
  • Mic input (-01x models): 150 Ohm
  • Audio: 100mW into 8 or 600 Ohm nominal
  • Freq. resp: <3dB from 350 Hz to 3 kHz
  • Serial data ports for Laptop/messaging terminal
  • Auxiliary GPS data output
  • I/O support for remote switches and indicators
  • ARINC-429 receive bus interface (xx2 models)
  • RS-485 serial data bus interface (xx2 models)
  • 2-wire POTS phone interface (x2x models)

RF Interfaces
  • Antenna options: Individual GPS and Iridium antennae, or dual element GPS/Iridium antenna

Programming and Network

  • Iridium Direct Internet 2.x, Dial-up, FTP, UDP and TCP/IP socket session support
  • Iridium SBD, SMS messaging and FAX
  • Remote polling and configuration
  • Custom event-based actions

Physical Specifications
  • Size: 11.50” x 3.81” x 2.75” (29.2 x 9.7 x 7.2 cm)
  • Weight: 3.08 lbs (1400 g)

Environmental Qualifications
  • Operating Temperature range: -30 to +60 C
  • Humidity: >95%
  • Altitude: 50,000 ftDO-160E Env. Cat. A4-BAB[(SM)(U2F)]XXXXXXZBBXXXBXXXXX

  • STC SH06-4 (part 29 rotor)
  • STC SH07-4 (part 27 rotor)
  • P-LSA06-103/D (part 23 fixed-wing)
  • FAA Transport Category (Part 25) fixed–wing


Partner Accessories

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