GeoPro Web Application

GeoPro Work Alone Safety Solution

Suitable for a workforce of ten or thousands, GeoPro is the most effective way to monitor the well-being of employees working alone or at isolated job sites. Together with your preferred safety device, the GeoPro web app and 24/7/365 alert monitoring service can be quickly deployed to address even the most rigorous duty of care concerns.

GeoPro offers a Cloud-based architecture, pay-as-you-go subscription model and support for a growing range of devices, making it a reliable and cost effective solution that is globally scalable and up-and-running in no time.


  • Simplifies monitoring of employee well-being and automates check-in
  • Improves decision-making and response when incidents do occur
  • Provides peace of mind to employees, their families and colleagues
  • Enables a monitoring of alerts like missed check-in, SOS, man down, crossed geo-fence and more
  • Includes expert around-the-clock monitoring via GEOS, or the option to manage this in-house or via another third-party service

  • GeoPro Mobile Application

    The GeoPro Mobile App for work alone safety is an effective means of ensuring the well-being of anyone working alone in areas with reliable cellular coverage. Give employees peace of mind with access to these essential personal safety features from their mobile device:

  • Easy check-in with automated reminders
  • SOS alerting with 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Man down (no motion) detection alerting
  • Share your journey or GPS location with others
  • Monitor Me feature for self-initiated interval check-ins in higher risk situations
  • Complete activity log including check-in, monitoring and tracking

  • Unlike comparable work alone safety apps, man down no-motion detection does not require use of a separate man down pendant, and SOS messages include location coordinates for first responders. If an incident occurs anywhere on the planet, your escalation contacts will be notified immediately.

    GeoPro Web App for Safety Managers

    The GeoPro web app enables easy, centralized management of more than just emergency alerts, and can be readily adapted to the employer’s preferred practices.

    Simply set up your users and escalation contacts, then decide what you want to monitor. If there’s an incident – GeoPro will sound the alarm. Whether your in-house personnel use the dashboard to monitor alerts directly, or trust our expert partner GEOS to monitor for you, your safety managers will have real-time visibility of the status and location of employees globally, displayed in a choice of web map.

    Key Features of the web app:

  • Monitor employee status and location from your web browser
  • Centralize management of alerts including: SOS, overdue check-in, crossed geofence, or changes in speed or altitude
  • Setup check-in schedules and automate monitoring
  • Alert escalation contacts immediately when there’s an incident
  • Respond more promptly and effectively to emergencies
  • Manage licenses in real-time (add, suspend, or cancel)
  • Access incident logs and reports

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