Flightcell DZM2 - Encrypted

The Flightcell DZM2 Encrypted provides secure global dialup voice and data communications and aircraft tracking with an embedded AES256 encryption system via the truly global Iridium network. It also supports secure calls to other Flightcell Secure Ground Stations or DZM2s on the same secure net. Position reports, SMS messages and other data transmission can also be optionally encrypted. The Flightcell DZM2 Encrypted is milspec designed for military or government operations in tough conditions.

The Flightcell DZM2 Encrypted integrates Iridium audio into the intercom system on an aircraft, vehicle or boat, providing Iridium voice communications at all crew stations.

The Flightcell DZM2 Encrypted uses an Iridium 9505A or 9555 handset installed in a Flightcell Iridium Cradle; when the aircraft is on the ground, the handset can be removed and used away from the aircraft.

The Flightcell DZM2 Encrypted is built for military operations in extreme conditions, with a rugged environmentally sealed housing and NVG-compliant display.

How it Works

The Flightcell DZM2 Encrypted is installed in the instrument panel of an aircraft, vehicle or boat, and can be interfaced to an intercom system or phone handset.

Clear calls are made over the Iridium voice link. Encrypted voice calls and data are carried on the Iridium data link.

Encrypted calls can be made to any other Flightcell encrypted terminal, either a Flightcell DZM2 Encrypted or Secure Ground Station. Encrypted position reports or messages can be transmitted to another Flightcell encrypted terminal or to a computer configured with Flightcell encryption software.

Tech Specs & Features

The Flightcell DZM2:


  • Uses an Iridium 9505A/9555 handset (installed in a Flightcell Iridium Cradle) or 9522A transceiver to transmit clear or encrypted communications
  • Can be installed in an aircraft, vehicle or boat
  • Audio can be interfaced into an intercom system or phone handset
  • Secure voice or data transmissions are encrypted to AES256.
  • Encryption keys are generated using Flightcell Exokey software, and keys can be updated using Over The Air Rekeying (OTAR). Keys can be remotely deleted if assets are compromised.
  • Uses an adaptive tracking system providing accurate track and position data.



    • Width: 146 mm
    • Height: 57 mm
    • Depth: 130 mm
    • Weight: 750 g
    • Power supply voltage:  24-32V DC
    • Mounting: DZUS or panel mount
    • Encryption: AES 256



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