FMS MLT-400i Mobile Location Tracking Module

FMS combines GPS technology with asset management software and satellite communications to provide a complete solution for fleet management and tracking requirements. FMS Mobile Location Tracking Modules maintain continuous GPS location, direction and speed information and combine that with important vehicle data such as engine activity, idle and stop data.

Safety, security, operational cost savings and fleet efficiency are among the reasons why FMS mobile resource management systems are the leading choice in Iridium SBD-based solutions.

FMS tracking devices are installed with a high-performance antenna that handles both GPS and Iridium satellite communications. Data is provided to the highly-secure FMS Network Operations Center where clients are able to access data and run reports from any browser.

Fleet Central is the window into a comprehensive fleet management system. From this application, reports are generated, commands issued, alerts set and all administration and monitoring is performed.

FMS provides product, support and services around the world with a network of direct sales and supplier organizations. References in government, oil and gas, mining, logistics and construction industries are seeing rapid return on investment often in less than one year.

How it Works

The FMS MLT-400i maintains continuous GPS location, direction and speed information. GPS data is combined with other important information such as engine activity, boundary crossing, geofence violations, idle and stop data and delivered from the vehicle via Iridium satellite communication. All asset data is received, stored and analyzed at the FMS Network Operations Center.

Data is accessed by logging on to FMS Fleet Central via web browser. From this application, reports are generated, commands issued, alerts set and all administration and monitoring is performed.

FMS intelligent location tracking units are event driven and provide the information needed regardless of vehicle location, but only as required. Alerts and reports are customized by the client for specific needs and notifications. Features such as speeding thresholds, boundary definition, and real-time locating are exercised from Fleet Central.

A two-way, in-cab message display terminal enables near real-time communications between the driver and fleet manager using pre-defined messages, custom-defined messages according to client needs or regular text messaging.

FMS has implemented features specific to its primary vertical markets. For example, speeding within a boundary enables user-defined areas to have an override speeding limit, different from the global speeding threshold. When the in-cab terminal is in use, drivers are warned when they enter such a special speed limit area.

In addition to Google Maps, FMS offers its own custom maps that have been developed for major cities and countries around the world where mapping has not been created yet. These have assisted companies operating in remote regions to dramatically increase safety and improve operations. Maps are used for viewing asset location as well as for landmark, boundary and proximity indication. A choice of GPS/Iridium combination antennas meets various installation and physical requirements. Optional features include personal emergency devices, panic buttons, and engine enable/disable capabilities.

Tech Specs & Features

FMS Location Tracking units feature the following:


  • rapid and accurate transmission of telematics anytime and anywhere
  • event driven, intelligent modem reducing airtime use
  • digital and analog sensor inputs, especially useful for status notification of on-board equipment
  • serial interface port accommodating other device communications via the modem
  • optional OBDII interconnection for diagnostics monitoring and feed to Fleet Central
  • optional FMS Fleet Central Maps including mapping for countries and cities where other standard maps do not
  • XML data feed for integration with other applications
  • quick deployment, global support and excellent operational track record
  • industry proven results and quality references

Length: 6.375 in. (16.19 cm)
Width: 6.375 in. (16.19 cm)
Height: 1.5 in. (3.81 cm)
Weight: 25.6 oz (725.7 g)
Operating temperature range: -40° to 185°F (-40° to 85°C)



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