ASE ComCenter II Series

The ComCenter II Series provides voice and/or data communications anywhere in the world. A versatile Ethernet port allows network connectivity for global satellite data transfer and remote system control. Designed to meet a wide variety of applications and system installations, the ComCenter II is available in two main configurations - Voice and Data, or Data only - each with optional configurations and accessories such as privacy handset and GPS.

The ASE ComCenter II is a high-quality data and voice terminal for the Iridium network that offers excellent voice quality. This is a reliable, robust satellite communications terminal with:

  • Top voice quality of Iridium’s satellite network
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Cable to POTS equipment up to 3km away
  • IP Addressable for data connects direct or using router, and Built-in diagnostic tools.

The ASE ComCenter II also provides the following:

Text Messaging

  • Exclusive ASE SatChat text messaging
  • Color-coded incoming and outgoing messaging
  • Automatic system status messaging
Voice Features
  • POTS interface for extended voice links
  • ASE ‘SmartDial’
  • RJ-45 intelligent privacy handset interface for voice or texting
  • Supports pre-paid scratch and post-paid Manager’s cards
  • Pre-assigned PIN(s) to protect post-paid usage

Data Features

  • Data connectivity using Ethernet infrastructure
  • IP setup utilities simplifies installation
  • Real-time and historical diagnostic logs
  • Exclusive ASE SatChat text messaging
  • Color-coded incoming and outgoing messaging

How it Works

Bring your satellite communication indoors with the ASE ComCenter II Series. The ASE ComCenter II easily integrates into your building or vessel infrastructure using the POTS (RJ11) interface to connect to your PBX or standard analog phone and (optional) Privacy handset. For data usage, connect to the internet or the embedded web pages using the Ethernet data port.

For vessels, a common installation is to install the ComCenter near the bridge with the corded intelligent handset in close proximity to the captain, and then run the RJ11 interface into the main cabin terminated at an analog phone.

For resilience centers, a common installation has the ComCenter installed in the emergency room with the RJ11 interface connected into the backup PBX or emergency comms.

Simple networks also can be configured with the Privacy Handset and the Ethernet connected direct to a single laptop.

Tech Specs & Features

POTS (RJ11) Connect:
  • Connects to an analog phone (single or PBX) including multi-handset wireless phones. Use of a cordless phone with expandable handsets can provide up to eight units within a two-mile range (unobstructed) from the base station.
Ethernet (RJ45) Connect:
  • Embedded web page for system setup, diagnostics and status.
  • ASE SatChat embedded text messaging.
  • Connects to Internet and automatically establishes a PPP session with Iridium ISP.
  • Works with any web browser and is NOT operating system dependent.
  • Configurable as DHCP Client or DHCP Server for integration into large or small networks.
  • Iridium certified product.
  • Additional approvals and certifications include FCC, CE and IEC 60945.
  • Length: 9 in.
  • Width: 5 in.
  • Depth: 2.5 in.
  • Weight: 2 lbs.
  • Power: 10-36VDC, Universal AD/DC adapter included.
  • Exposure: Indoor per IEC60945.


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