Datalink - i50 Mobihub


Datalink’s i50 Mobihub is an intelligent black-box device offering many configurable options, over multiple networks, for GPS tracking and remote data acquisition and control applications.

With an internal Iridium 9601 transceiver and/or quad-band GPRS modem, microcontroller and high-sensitivity GPS receiver, the Tracker i50 provides an intelligent self-contained solution. Multiple serial ports, I/O lines and optional external Bluetooth module allows Android Tablets to be connected providing two-way text messaging and GPS map tracking. The i50 is fully integrated with Datalink’s DataGate server software, which handles all required network routing. You can interface directly with this application using a SQL database, or make use of Datalink’s existing end-to-end tracking and control solution.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Multi-network with Dynamic Switching for Least Cost Routing
  • Internal Three-axis Accelerometer to Monitor Movement and tilt
  • External Interfaces, Including OBD-II/J1939 Engine Monitor
  • Remotely Programmable
  • AES-256 Encryption Available for Secure Applications
  • Microprocessor:  Zworld Rabbit RCM-3100
  • CPU Speed: 29 Mhz 8 bit
  • Flash Memory:  256K
  • SRAM:  128K
  • Supply Voltage: 7-36 VDC Continuous Operation
  • Load Dump Protected
  • Internal Resettable Fuse
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Supply Current: (@12 v) Normal operation: 100 mA (no internal modems)
  • Cellular: Add 2 mA (220 mA during TX)
  • Satellite: Add 34 mA (180 mA during TX)
  • Wi-Fi: Add 130mA (260mA during TX)
  • Sleep Mode <10mA

Internal Backup Battery: CR2032 Lithium Cell

  • Three Year Shelf Life. (Battery in use only while power is disconnected)

Temperature Range:

  • -20 to 60°C (Operating)
  • -30 to 60 °C (Storage)
  • -40 to 85°C (Storage with battery removed)

External Serial Ports: RS-232 ESD Protected

  • COM1 – Full Handshaking (Unavailable when using internal Wi-Fi)
  • COM2 – Full Handshaking
  • COM3 – Rhree-wire

Switched Power Output: 1.3 A Max Continuous (Internal resettable fuse)

  • Load Dump and Short Circuit Protected (9 A max)

Digital Inputs: Maximum Voltage Range +/-200 V

  • Digital Low level < 1.7 V
  • Digital High Level > 3.1 V
  • 10K Pull-up Resistance (Excluding IGN input)

Outputs: Low Side Switches

  • 170 mA Continuous Per Output (Internal resettable fuses)
  • Short Circuit Protected (1.9 A max)

Analog Inputs: Maximum Voltage Range +/-200 V

  • Measurement Range 0-36 V
  • 12-bit Resolution

GPS: Tracks Signals Down to -160 dBm
Accelerometer: +/-2g range