Blue Sky Network - D1000C Flight Tracking Transceiver


Blue Sky Network’s D1000C Iridium satcom tracking kit provides efficient, safe, secure, and global coverage for aviation assets. The FAA and Iridium certified D1000C enables optimized fleet utilization through extensive reporting capabilities and backend analysis tools. When paired with the ACH1000, the D1000C offers the ability to make voice calls and have two-way messaging. Fleet managers can login to SkyRouter, our cloud-based tracking web portal, to maintain, view and communicate with multiple assets simultaneously on a single map from a centralized command center. SkyRouter also enables over-the-air device parameter configuration, such as the Blue Sky reporting interval, allows for two-way messaging and e-mail, and can eliminate routing mistakes by supporting flight information. Reports such as GPS position, take-off/landing, altitude, and on/off gate make it easy for fleet managers to effectively control their aircraft. The D1000C is a robust Iridium transceiver unit with a built-in GPS sensor for position reporting and real-time tracking. The D1000C aircraft satellite communication system provides near-real time GPS tracking, telemetry data link and an optional voice connection using the ACH1000 control head.


  • Near real time flight tracking
  • Single-channel antenna feed for Iridium and GPS
  • Remote management
  • Automatic take-off and landing reports
  • RS232 port for telemetry data retrieval
  • Minimum en-route altitude
  • Altitude-based reporting interval
  • LED status indication for message waiting, GPS signal, and Iridium signal
  • Compatible with ACH1000
  • Global Iridium-based satellite tracking
  • Automated Flight Following (AFF) compliant
  • GPS position reports
  • Utilizes SkyRouter, cloud-based web portal
  • Satellite voice communication and flight information: fuel on board, ETA, travel time (enabled by ACH1000)
  • Customized event alerts: take-off and landing, min in-route altitude, power on/off, on/off gate
  • Over-the-air device parameter adjustments
  • Certifications: Iridium, PMA, FAA, EASA, ANAC 


  • Fleet Efficiency: Real-time notification of asset location and other events that could impact your business; assist in flight planning and efficient deployment of assets; track all assets on one map or track each asset individually.
  • Pole-to-Pole Global Satellite Coverage: The Iridium low latency global network is made up of 66 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that provide coverage anywhere in the world.
  • Enhance Aircraft Location: Quick position (QPOS) button, two-way messaging and optional voice capability allow pilots to notify their command center in the event of emergency, when used in conjunction with the ACH1000 airplane communication system.
  • Ease of Use and Flexibility: SkyRouter web portal allows users to conveniently access and communicate with all assets.
  • Reduce Asset Down Time: Device parameter adjustments can be made over the air without bringing the asset in for maintenance.


  • Dimensions: 5.3″x 3.5″ x 11.25″
  • Weight: 4.7 lb.
  • Frequency range: 1565-1626 MHz
  • GPS frequency: L-Band
  • Power: 10-33V input (1A Continuous, <3A Peak at 28V)
  • Operating Temperature: -20° C to 60° C
  • LED indicators: Power (ON/OFF) Iridium and GPS signal strength, message waiting (ON/OFF) ACH1000 connect: DB9 port for adding voice connection
  • Antenna Options: Single or dual channel GPS/Iridium tuned, fully TSO’d
  • FAA Certification: DO-160D
  • Data I/O: DB9 for ACH-series control heads RS232 DB9 for telemetry data retrieval Mini-DB9 for firmware upgrades

Connectivity & Available Plans

Available Plans
The D1000C aircraft communication system requires a Data service plan for tracking and messaging / communication. If the ACH1000 is purchased, a Voice service plan is also required for communications.

Service Plan Pricing
Data Plans start at $75 per month
Voice Plans start at $45 per month

Connects with SkyRouter Command Center
This device is equipped to connect and work with the SkyRouter Command Center.