Blue Sky Network - D1000C Flight Tracking Transceiver


This robust terminal supports GPS reporting, two-way messaging and an optional voice connection using the ACH1000 control head. Working with SkyRouter, the D1000C can be remotely managed anywhere in the world, and users can receive automated events such take-off and landing notification.

Take Control of Your Fleet Management

Whether you are managing fixed or rotor wing aircraft in San Diego or Sumatra, Blue Sky Network’s D1000C Iridium satellite communication kits provide unmatched control over your aircraft fleet movement. With our unique SkyRouter web portal, you will always know if a flight is delayed, where it is going, and if it is somewhere it should not be.

More Efficient Fleet Operation

Blue Sky Network’s satellite communication solutions give you all the tools you need to optimize fleet utilization. Eliminate mistakes in routing, fill up your aircraft, and always use the nearest aircraft for a new job. Our D1000C transceiver includes advanced flight planning tools and event notifications, as well as Web-based and remote equipment configuration that will quickly help you see the improvements to your bottom line.

How it Works

The Blue Sky Network D1000C uses Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) to send and receive short messages in a simple and efficient manner. It also supports circuit connections for voice and modem connectivity. Messages are sent from the D1000C and received by the nearest Iridium satellite. From there, the Iridium satellite constellation uses the shortest path to transfer the message to the Iridium gateway, where it is immediately sent to the SkyRouter web portal and displayed on your computer screen. In less than a minute the message is sent from the device and received by SkyRouter, allowing for near real-time communications.

Technical Specifications & Features

  • Complete Global Coverage
  • Near Real-time Location Reporting
  • Easy Access Through the SkyRouter Online Web Portal
  • Unlimited User Accounts for Accessing Flight Tracking (Co-workers, Management, Customers)
  • Google Earth Integration
  • Secure and Reliable Message Delivery
  • Voice Option with ACH1000 Control Head
  • Remote Management of all Device Settings
  • Single Channel Antenna Feed for Iridium and GPS
  • FAA/PMA Certified
  • LED Indicators: Message Waiting, GPS and Iridium Signal


  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 5.3 in x 3.5 in x 11.25 in
  • Weight: 4.7 lbs
  • Power requirements: 10–30 VDC
  • Nominal current: <1A continuous, <3A peak (at 28 VDC)
  • Operating temperature range: -20°C to 60°C
  • Iridium frequency: L-Band 1610 MHz – 1626 MHz
  • GPS frequency: L-Band 1575 MHz
  • Data I/O: DB9 for ACH1000 control heads
  • RS232 DB9 for telemetry data retrieval
  • Mini-DB9 for firmware upgrades
  • LED indicators: On/Off, signal strength, message waiting
  • Antenna options: single or dual channel GPS/Iridium tuned, fully TSO’d
  • FAA certification: DO-160D